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Spell token

SPELL is a lending platform that uses interest-bearing tokens (ibTKNs) as collateral to borrow a USD pegged stablecoin (Magic Internet Money - MIM), that can be used as any other traditional stablecoin. In-review

Yield farming

Available chain:


Token symbol:




Total supply: 500'000'000


  • Network (ETH, BSC, Nodes, Engine hosting): 10'000'000 GLQ (2%)
  • Team share: 25'000'000 GLQ (5%)
  • Marketing Development: 20'000'000 GLQ (4%)
  • Bounty rewards: 50'000'000 GLQ (10%)
  • Public ILO Presale: 200'000'000 GLQ (40%)
  • Circulating staking team funds: 5'500'000 GLQ (1.1%)
  • Private Presale Round: 50'000'000 GLQ (10%)
  • Treasury funds: 139'500'000 GLQ (27.9%)

Transaction tax: No

💲 Token

Available chain:


Total supply:

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Market capitalisation:

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Available DEX/ CEX :


    Launch type: Presale (ILO) & Private sale

    Amount raised: 350 ETH

    Presale date: 16.03.2021

    Presale platform: Unicrypt

    DEX listing date: 21.03.2021

    DEX Listing Price: 1 GLQ: $0.004004

    Start date (UTC time):

    End date (UTC time):

    Sale platform:

    Sale round:

    Access link:

    Whitelist requirements:

    target raised amount:

    Presale swap rate:

    Presale token valuation:

    Maximum spend per account:

    Sale vesting:

    Token vesting schedule:

    Prior funding rounds:

    Restricted countries:

    Presale review:

    🔒 Security

    Security Smart Contract audit: ✔️CTDSEC

    Locked team tokens: ✔️Unicrypt

    Locked Liquidity: ✔️Unicrypt


    Launch type: Presale (ILO) & Private sale

    Amount raised: 350 ETH

    Presale date: 16.03.2021

    Presale platform: Unicrypt

    DEX listing date: 21.03.2021

    DEX Listing Price: 1 GLQ: $0.004004


    Holder count: 4'524

    Number of whales (>1% supply): 1

    Largest non-team address balance (% of total supply): 1.7%

    😃 Executive Team

    Team doxxed: ✔️

    KYC performed: ✔️(By Unicrypt)

    Team AMA

    Frederick Marinho

    CEO, Co-Founder

    Nicolas Martins

    CTO, Co-Founder

    Rishabh Anand

    Chief Marketing Officer

    💬 Community

    Telegram members: 5'487

    Botted Telegram: No

    Twitter followers: 10'392

    % fake Twitter followers: 21%

    Website SEO: 75/100

    🤼Similar category

    The Graph



    Big Data Protocol

    🔜 Milestones

    ✔️Q1 2021 - GraphLinq Protocol creation, development of the network Engine

    ✔️Q1 2021 - IDE for creating new graphs

    ✔️Q1 2021 - Releasing open-source GitHub

    ✔️Q2 2021 - GLQ contract deployment on the Ethereum network

    ✔️Q2 2021 - Unicrypt ILO and uniswap launch

    Official roadmap

    - Q3 2021 - Starting the development of a mobile application

    - Q3 2021 - Developing a marketplace web app of graphs for the GraphLinq protocol

    - Q3 2021 - DAO governance

    - Q4 2021 - Migration of the GLQ token from ETH to the new GraphLinq PoS blockchain

    - Q4 2021 - DAO migration to GraphLinq PoS

    Official roadmap



    GraphLinq is a set of tools including an IDE & an engine that run simultaneously with multiple blockchains and centralized data stream to offer a service of automatization of a process without coding skill required.

    Graphlinq even lets you connect to Ethereum/BSC data-feed almost for free and in real-time using GraphLinq to help you suit your Trading, DeFi & similar needs. The platform has live drag-and-drop plugins & a set of templates to choose from. Whether users want to fetch data from a decentralized or centralized stream and send it to telegram, webhook, discord, etc. or if they want to set up a trading bot based on some indicators, anything and everything blockchain oriented can be automated with the help of Graphlinq Protocol.

    GLQ token

    GLQ is the native token for the Graphlinq ecosystem built on top of Ethereum (ERC20). GLQ is used to run a graph on the platform’s test net or main net to execute different processes over the blockchain to automate tasks, triggering events, and much more.


    👍 Review

    • Strong focus on token utility
    • Promising roadmap with GraphLinq PoS and mobile app
    • Market validation with a large amount of platform users
    • Very active community on Telegram

    💬 ️What the community says

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