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Kuswap is one of the best decentralized exchange on KCC, swap, lend, farm, add liquidity to your tokens on Kucoin Community Chain (KCC) and much more. Approved


Available chain:


Token symbol:




Starting supply: 350'000'000 KUS


  • Emissions: 345'000'000 KUS (85.7% of blocks for Farms, 4.3% of blocks for KuDrops, 1% of blocks for Holders Insurance, 9% of blocks for the Team)
  • Kuswap Foundation: 2'000'000 KUS
  • Marketing & Partnerships: 2'000'000 KUS
  • Presale: 400'000 KUS
  • Initial Liquidity: 100'000 KUS
  • Reserved Liquidity: 300'000 KUS
  • Giveaways/Prizes: 100'000 KUS
  • Burned: 100'000 KUS

Deposit fee: 0%

Withdrawal fee: No added withdrawal fee

💲 Token

Available chain:


Total supply:

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Market capitalisation:

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Available DEX/ CEX :


    Launch type: Presale (ICO)

    Amount raised: 20'010 KCS

    Presale date: 25.06.2021

    DEX listing date: 25.06.2021

    Start date (UTC time):

    End date (UTC time):

    Sale platform:

    Sale round:

    Access link:

    Whitelist requirements:

    target raised amount:

    Presale swap rate:

    Presale token valuation:

    Maximum spend per account:

    Sale vesting:

    Token vesting schedule:

    Prior funding rounds:

    Restricted countries:

    Presale review:

    🔒 Security

    Security Smart Contract audit: ❌(pending)

    Locked team tokens: ✔️(vested for 24 months)

    Locked Liquidity: ✔️

    KCC contract: Verified✔️


    Launch type: Presale (ICO)

    Amount raised: 20'010 KCS

    Presale date: 25.06.2021

    DEX listing date: 25.06.2021


    Holder count: 4'479

    Number of whales (>1% supply): 0

    Largest non-team address balance (% of total supply): 0.42%

    😃 Executive Team

    Team doxxed: ❌

    KYC performed:

    💬 Community

    Telegram members: 4'668

    Botted Telegram: No

    Twitter followers: 5'150

    % fake Twitter followers: 22.10%

    Website SEO: 72/100

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    🔜 Milestones

    ✔️ Farming Launch

    ✔️ Launchpad partnerships

    ✔️ AnySwap partnership (BSC bridge)

    • KuDrops
    • Chart and Analytics


    👍 Review

    • First DEX on the Kucoin Community Chain
    • Small number of listed projects on the DEX
    • Lack of capital flowing into the KCC, affecting the token price with little buy pressure
    • One of the most complete DEXs on the KCC, prone to win the "DEX race"
    • Only KCC project to be listed on CoinGecko
    • Very responsive team

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