The Echo Protocol empowers communities


Points of Interest

ECHO’s points of interest are on-chain representations of the various facets of the crypto community!

- All vetted projects we list ascribe to a Point of Interest

- All rewards you can earn for contributing to a project are issued and confirmed on the blockchain through a Point of Interest

- All staking rewards are accumulated and distributed when you and others stake for your favorite Point of Interest

- The ECHO DAO has an active role in funding and recapitalizing PoI reward pools so active communities are always incentivized!

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Earn for Contributing!

Do more with the favorite tokens you hold in your portfolio. HODLing is cool, staking is better, but actively earning on contributing content and making people know what YOU have invested in is a real gem is better still.

Simply navigate to your token community’s page, participate in content activities (comments, Q&A’s) and if your community finds your inputs helpful, you’ve earned.

Stake to Earn on
Reward Activity!

It’s staking, but your rewards depend on how active your Point of Interest actually is!

Find your token community on the platform, and stake tokens towards its linked Point of Interest. You and others who stake will earn fees out of the reward actions undertaken by members which make your community feature-rich with great content, and prove the effort you’re all putting into it.