Engage with like-minded members and projects!


Build your crypto community here!

With ECHO, crypto project communities are incentivized through rewards to provide genuine content.

- Vote on content from your community members that you find useful. Support and reward them.

- Meet members who are identifiable as holders in ECHO and the same crypto projects as you. Guaranteeing you are both invested in ECHO’s and your mutual project’s sustainable growth.

- Loyal members are identified by their ECHO points and earn NFT badges which unlock more rewards and add to your collection.


Meet members who share your crypto taste

Supporting your favorite projects opens the door to meeting others passionate about the same things as you in crypto.

Rally behind the projects you support with others.


Share what you know and learn what you don’t know

ECHO is the safe knowledge hub for you.

Offer your opinions through comments, answering questions, helping vet and list projects.

Learn something new every day about projects through asking questions and interacting with project teams.