The Echo DAO
aligns value and incentives


The Echo DAO

In a decentralized ecosystem, it is crucial for the actors with a stake in the ecosystem to align incentives, project support, value creation, and sustainability.

The Echo DAO is formed by a Support DAO and a Governance DAO.

The Support DAO promotes and maintains the financial health of points of interest, through providing Point of Interest Liquidity and promoting project visibility.

The Governance DAO keeps an eye on economic viability and has a say on protocol parameters.

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The Support DAO

When you think Support DAO think keeping communities going. As a member of the Support DAO your roles are in:

- Allocating liquidity from the ECHO funding vehicle for Points of Interest, so that reward pools can sustain community activity.

- Provide visibility and grant funding to new eligible project communities which request it.

- Ensure listed project communities fit the criteria for an optimal experience on ECHO.

The Governance DAO

The Governance DAO keeps an eye on platform growth as a whole. You have a say in our direction, and vote on tokenomics, you may:

- Vote on amounts earnable from reward actions.

- Vote on amounts burnt from spend and promote actions.

- Vote on changes to the token issuance schedule in accordance with growth.

- Assist in the creation of Points of Interest.