Explore, engage and earn with your favorite crypto projects

ECHO is the social platform that empowers crypto enthusiasts to Explore vetted blockchain projects, Engage with on-chain project communities and Earn rewards and status for meaningful contributions.

It's never been easier to connect with like-minded members and teams in the community.


Explore vetted crypto projects with utility

Connect with enthusiasts over your crypto interests and learn more about the crypto scene.

ECHO lists vetted crypto projects through a strict selection criteria and onboards their communities. Echo creates a safe and genuine crypto ecosystem for you!

The next project in your portfolio is right around the corner.


Engage with crypto projects you believe in

You don’t need to be an expert to share your knowledge of the ecosystem.

Contribute by commenting, upvoting, answering and asking questions on token and community pages. The more you engage, the more rewards you get.


The DAPP that rewards you for contributing to your favorite projects

Are you a crypto investor who actively supports your investments? Do more with your knowledge. Monetize your meaningful insights, contributions, and helpful information though rewards.

ECHO introduces a contribute-to-earn model so you earn rewards by providing useful, validated contributions to the platform. Share your knowledge, grow your crypto identity and become your favorite project's go-to reference to earn NFT's, and platform points!



For top-upvoted comments in projects



For high relevance questions and answers in project threads


As passive income for staking on Points of Interest

Earn NFTs

For donating to projects you support

The Echo Protocol
Empowers Communities

Community development depends on the time and resources invested by its members.

Facets of the crypto community, called Points of Interest are created on-chain by the DAO.
Listed projects ascribe to the one they fit best, member rewards are issued and validated on PoI’s, and members can stake towards one and earn passive income as fees from completed rewards.

This encourages engagement from like-minded crypto enthusiasts to create a tight-knit community.

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The ECHO Token

The Utility: The utility token, is an EIP-20 compliant token which the protocol issues for rewards (earn actions) and takes as payment for spend actions. Both the ECHO DAO and supportive members alike can use it to support projects, and fund Point of Interest liquidity. Check out more here

The Governance:
The governance token, is an EIP-20 compliant token which is used by the ECHO Governance and Support DAOs to vote on proposals regarding liquidity provision, project support and funding, and calibrating incentivization on the platform. Check out more here

ECHO Charity: is committed to giving back and has supported important causes.


Participate in ECHO's future by joining the Governance DAO or the Support DAO

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Know your community

All users providing content in a project's page are token holders

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Loyalty staking

Unlock premium staking pools through your in-app engagement

ECHO Protocol

ECHO fuels the on-chain backbone of the DApp

We have donated +20 ETH

To view the donations in real time, click here. For more information regarding the current token, please view the bluepaper appendix



Q4 2021

- Beta release of DYORed the app

- Utility and governance token tokenomics on testnet

- 50 listed tokens and 5 strategic partnerships

- Community Scaling

- Accelerator application / partnerships / financing

Q1 2022

- Off-chain product release

- Utility token seed / private sales for Q2 lauch

- Core loop Audit (High Tier Audit Firm, ie: Certik)

- Earn-to-contribute core loop and points of interest contract backend on testnet, dApp integration

- 200 listed projects (communities)

Q2 2022

- Core loop and DAO mainnet pilot (v1)

- Governance token launch

- Additional incentives loop and further DAO functionality contracts on testnet

- Off-chain advertising model pilot

- 500 active projects

- 25K Monthly Active Members

Q3 2022

- Full Web3 Loop and Protocol release (Core loop v2, Additional loop v1)

- Advertisement testnet integration

- 1K active projects (communities)

- CEX / Listing Platform Partnerships

- 250K Monthly Active Members

Q4 2022

- Advertising mainnet release

- Support and Governance DAO extensions

- 1K project communities + 500 tokenized communities

- dCommerce Integration

- 1M Monthly Active Members

The Team


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